Learn … and enjoy!

The Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum is proud to serve as an educational resource to school and youth groups, colleges and universities, and adults visiting with community organizations.  Our experiential learning opportunities include pre and post visit discussion guides, curriculum related lessons, teacher/leader guides and hands-on art activities.

Our goal is to utilize the extraordinary riches of the collection to foster an appreciation of museums, sculpture and other artistic media, while tying the visual experience to the lives and studies of your students or group members.

We offer age and grade appropriate learning opportunities based around the Museum’s collections, temporary exhibitions, lectures and archives aligned with state guidelines in a variety of subjects: fine arts, history, language arts, science and math.

Specially tailored programs are offered for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, to fulfill requirements for badges, belt loop and academic pins, which are available all year.

In addition, seasonal programs like  Summer Arts Camps (available for kids 8 – 18) provide opportunities to develop unique skills and learn art theories.

During the academic year, University departments sponsor programs that involve students, the public and youth. The Museum accommodates by scheduling art activities and providing interpretive programs and tours. Examples of these outstanding offerings include Kids and Sibs and Family Weekend sponsored by SVSU Residential Life department. Find out more about these programs by visiting http://www.svsu.edu/livingoncampus/specialevents/ or call (989) 964-4410.

Marshall Fredericks’ On the Road offsite programs take the collections and art activities to your classroom or meeting.

The SVSU Art Department offers internship opportunities for art majors in the Museum. Students receive credits toward their degree.

In collaboration with SVSU, the Museum provides “service learning” for students, employing them to give tours, teach summer art camp classes, teach girl and boy scout programs, participate in community mural projects, and work in the archives and registrar’s offices and staff the reception desk and Gift Shop.

If you cannot come to us, we will provide a 90 minute educational experience through teleconferencing. Museum staff will utilize PowerPoint presentations and videos, to explain the metal casting process, look at images of Marshall Fredericks and his artwork, and we will finish with a hands-on art activity like sculpting in modeling compound or wire.

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