À la carte tours at Saginaw Valley State University

SVSU provides many cross curricular opportunities for teachers and educators to experience.  Spend a day at SVSU and experience the best educational activities!  Create your own à la carte experience by selecting what activities you would like to do.  Allow an hour for each activity and for lunch. You are welcome to bring your own lunches or purchase it at either the Marketplace at Doan or Albert E’s Food Court in Zahnow. For more information on food options click here. Contact Andrea Ondish at ondish@svsu.edu or call 989-964-7096 to coordinate your visit.


Select your À la carte experiences from this list:


Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum Educational Experiences

Please consider scheduling a visit to the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum for your classes and programs. Guided tours of the museum include the Main Exhibit Gallery of over 200 works by Marshall Fredericks, the Sculptor’s Studio that displays tools, machinery, and artwork of Fredericks, temporary exhibitions and optional art activity. For more information visit: marshallfredericks.org/learn/school-tours


Art Department and University Art Gallery

Experience a program about the curriculum and degrees offered by the Art Department followed by a visit to the University Art Gallery.  Contact Hideki Kihata, Chair of Art Department at kihata@svsu.edu or 989-964-7103. Visit the Art Department website at: www.svsu.edu/art/ or the art gallery at www.svsu.edu/artgallery/


Campus tours

Prepare your students for a future college experience. Experience a program about SVSU as a college destination and tour the campus. For more information visit:  www.svsu.edu/visit/



The Kinesiology Department invites K-12 students to learn more about what they do in the lab, classes, and as professionals such as learning about exercise science, athletic training, physical therapy, and physical education. Programs can be tailored to the students based on their age, previous knowledge, interests, etc.  There is no cost/free program. For more information contact: David Berry, dcberry@svsu.edu, 989-964-4504.


Health and Human Services

Schools can also set up a Health and Human Services Day and experience many of the disciplines this college offers. For more information contact Monika Sciba at 989-964-2732 or msciba@svsu.edu.  Visit their website at: www.svsu.edu/collegeofhealthhumanservices/



Tour the greenhouse and experience an active learning program that includes recycling, composting, hydroponics, aquaponics, future technologies, and ecological concerns. Each student receives a plant and a sample of all natural plant food. There is no cost for this program.  Read about the greenhouse by contacting: Holly Little, hlittle@svsu.edu, 989-964-2021


Ryder Center

Visit the Ryder Center for a tour or schedule an athletic activity. For more information contact Brady Duke at 989-964-7499.



You can experience a one hour STEM program. https://www.svsu.edu/stem/


Theater Department

Experience Theater Department program at SVSU in a one hour program.http://www.svsu.edu/theatre/