“I love people, for I have learned through many experiences, both happy and sad, how beautiful and wonderful they can be. Therefore, I want more than anything in the world to do Sculpture which will have real meaning for other people, many people, and might in some way encourage, inspire, or give them happiness.”
Marshall M. Fredericks “Credo,” 1955

We who have the privilege of stewarding Marshall Fredericks’s legacy value his philosophy of life and are most appreciative of the people who have made and continue to make this Museum a valuable resource for the region and state.

The Museum board and University administration are to be commended for their foresight in creating this spectacular museum on SVSU’s beautiful campus. The students, both university and K-12 from throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region, the public, and community groups who avail themselves of the collections and programs benefit from ongoing support.

Generous individuals, families, private and public foundations, and corporations provide critical funding for temporary exhibitions, educational programs, conservation and preservation of Marshall Fredericks’s art work, and activities that make the Museum a favorite cultural destination for regional visitors, as well as travelers from around the country.

The Preserving the Legacy of Marshall M. Fredericks Campaign was launched in the summer of 2012. Designed to strengthen the assets held by the Museum and ensure their maximum potential into the future, the campaign combines both capital improvements and endowments. Please click here to learn more about this exciting initiative.

Other opportunities for supporting the Museum, its programs and exhibitions include:

Please contact (989) 964 7125 with any questions you may have about how to support the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.