Chinese Folk Pottery: The Art of the Everyday

January 20 – May 19, 2018

Chinese Folk Pottery: The Art of the Everyday exhibition explores contemporary folk pottery produced within the diversity of ethnic minorities and Han people across China.  It examines pottery from three perspectives: production values, functions, and aesthetics.

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The 34 pottery pieces in the exhibition were collected through many research trips between 1995 and 2009.  A generous grant from the Asian Cultural Council (a Rockefeller Foundation affiliate) made it possible to travel, document and research kilns and pottery in remote regions.  Objects in the exhibition are a cross-section of products by Tibetan, Dai, Miao, Bai and Han potters.

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“As China rushes headlong into modernization, the contemporary folk pottery is struggling for existence.  With the demise of traditional ware (no demand) village potters have migrated to the cities in search of more lucrative work. The dragon kilns that operated for centuries are cold and threatened by extinction.  This is a global issue that cannot be reversed, but this is an attempt to preserve by documenting what will be gone.”

                               Excerpt from a written statement by exhibition curator Marie Woo, 2013.