Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition

June 2 – September 22, 2018

Regional Biennial Juried Sculpture Exhibition


In 2008, the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum established a sculpture biennial exhibition to support working artists. Michelle Perron, Director of the Office of Exhibitions & Public Programs at the College for Creative Studies (CCS) in Detroit juried the exhibition and selected the merit award winners from 151 artworks submitted by 66 artists from the state of Michigan and Northern Indiana.

All awards are sponsored by the Maxwell K. Pribil Memorial Fund administered by Huntington National Bank.

The exhibition will be on display at the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum from Saturday, June 2 through Saturday, Sept.22.

This exhibition is made possible with grant funds from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Maxwell K. Pribil Memorial Fund administered by Huntington National Bank.


Exhibition Catalog

Opening Reception Photos




Artworks in this exhibition

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Tamar Aldrich, Old Lace


William Allen, Swamp Slider


Kevin Baker, Growing


Mark Beltchenko, The S. Series


Robert Bielat, Daedalus’ Wing


Mark Bleshenski, Seaform 1


Craig Brigham, Wasp


Nancy Brooks-Siebert, Ruin Boxes


Sanford Buchalter, Rotation Gate


Kathleen Bugajski, Contemplation


Doug Cannell, Charm


Calum Clow, Star Spangled Bovine


Matthew De Genaro, Cyclops


John DeHoog, Abnormal Growth


Aaron Deshields, Unraveling-Reconvening


Gary Eleinko, Now and Then


Mary Fortuna, Nageena


Anne Furnaris, The Gates of the Sun


Jason Graham, Walker A-11


Megan Grierson, Divinus Foemina


Stephen Hargash, Serpentine


Al Hebert, Gray Matter


Emmy Heger, Lavender Dreams


Jjenna Hupp Andrews, The Third Grace: Pleasure


Ray Katz, Geometric Construction/Reductive Geometry


Andrew Kline, Bound


Steve Kline, Seven Easy Pieces


Diane Marie Kramer, Let’s Dance


Nancy LaBret Einstein, On My Way Home


Douglas LaFerle, Kali’s Wheel


Robert Landry, From the Mythology of Evika


Daniel Lisuk, All Our Yesterdays End Now


Valerie Mann, Blue Bird Chain


Charles McGee, Common Ground II


Steven Miller, Position Five


Dora Natella, Lightness of Being


Brian Nelson, The Voice of America for Charlie, Jim and Joseph


David Petrakovitz, This Way and That


Kathyrose Pizzo, Episode One: The Ladder


Marcia Polenberg, Child from Aleppo


Nick Preneta, The Observer


Ted Ramsay, Cloud Goddess 2


Susan Robinson-Heaslip, Silent Eyes


R. Jean Ruth, Hop, Skip, Leap


Robert Sestok, Elements


Ann Smith, Squash Blossom


Adam Stuart, Dead Machine B-001


Benjamin Teague, Swerve


Virginia Torrence, Untitled


Tom Zaroff, Petroglyph

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